Friday, March 13, 2009

Chufas in Oakland!

Barlata, a new Tapas bar, just opened in Temescal.

L & I went for a drink last night... and discovered they only have beer & wine. Well, ok.

The place was packed! We squeezed into the only spot left at the bar, and got some wine. The wine list features Spanish wines. I had a white (can't tell you which one), she had a red (the Mas Donis). They were both tasty. The restaurant smelled great. The decor is a bit sparse but beautiful (wood on the floor and the ceiling, black tile by the kitchen, nice deep colors), with some playful touches (toys on the shelves by the bar, giant prints featuring cans of food, or latas).

But here is what I'm most excited about: the menu features Horchata de Valencia! I asked the bartender; does that mean with Tiger Nuts? She was confused: "isn't Horchata from rice?". Well, it's their 2nd day open, fine. The owner came by, and she asked him. Yes! He's importing chufas from Spain & also imported an Horhata-making machine that looks like a giant juicer. They didn't have it running yet, but I can't wait!

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