Monday, March 9, 2009

Champion Cobalt

beforeThis was the weekend project. The room is not "done" by any means, but the walls are beautiful!

"Before" on the left.

"After" below.

It's like a beautiful, soothing cave. Makes me want to lay in bed all day!
Thanks to Leah @ More Ways to Waste Time for the blue wall inspiration.

Next steps: paint lamps white. Hang owl prints from boygirlparty in silver frames on either side of bed. Find taller bedside tables.

Also, new duvet cover... still deciding on color. Considering (from lowest-cost to highest cost):
Ikea Jorun Form or Jorun Vaxt, Marimekko Tamara (but probably this is too yellow), or Eileen Fisher Platinum Sateen (too spendy!).

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful color!

    And (despite the sad events of this past week) yay for Oakland!