Monday, April 20, 2009

"Home" Cluster

Love this: the graphic charting of the various meaning of words. From

My weekend

It's Spring!

This weekend:

- 2 new (to me) restaurants: 900 Grayson (loved it) & Ozumo (liked it & will try it again). Had breakfast at 900 Grayson. The space itself was cozy, like a french farmhouse kitchen. I just had a basic breakfast, but everything was super high quality and fresh. Plus, our waiter was super-cute and attentive, I felt like a guest in someone's home. I can't believe I haven't been here before! Later, on to Ozumo, the new sushi spot in Uptown Oakland. We just stopped by for a snack and a cocktail, and it was tasty! The bar space is nicely styled (industrial-japanese luxe) but a bit cavernous. I liked it enough to go back again sometime.

- L & I adopted a puppy! Through "CURE". She's a little itty bit: she'll be 15lbs full grown. Part Chihuahua, but mixed with...? Square jaw, white fur with orange patches. Super snuggle bug! She's too young to come home with us yet; we have to wait 2 weeks! Now, searching for a name.

- Farmer's market! Highlights: strawberries, "breakfast pizza", baby onions & leeks, organic artichokes (mmm!), English Peas, red snapper under $9/lb.